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Apr 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
this into perspective, because the dram marks the chaos, is not over yet, clearly. there's still a lot of activity behind you. there's still a lot of activity at watertown. and we're trying to sort of make some sense of this. the only way we can is to try to draw together all of the pieces of the puzzle that are coming to us now. let's just go over, if you don't mind, just taking us through this journey again for the benefit of those viewers across the globe and, perhaps, in the united states who have joined us ought this early hour. it is 2:00 eastern time. 2:00 in the morning. jake, if you could just remind us of what has taken place in the last few hours here. >> reporter: sure. we need to reiterate that even as we try to put these pieces of the puzzle together, they may not go together. they might be pieces relating to a completely different puzzle. obviously, there's a huge interest in what is going on in boston, massachusetts, this evening and the surrounding area because of the investigation into the terrorist attacks here on monday in which three individuals were killed and many others wer
Apr 23, 2013 7:00pm PDT
epidemic. and this is from physical activity our children are not moving enough this day's and since they spend a lot of time at school the school districts has to take a part in this. it is also good for our children's brains. there's a growing body of research it showing you shows physical activity helps improve attention and school curls and - this will bring activity back to the schools and get the children moving. in fact, commissioner winning was on the call and i commend her for being involved in such an important initiative. this need to be done a physical activity. which is the number of minutes that the cdc recommended for children's to be physically active. physical education, physical activity during school, physical activity before and after school. i am proud to be a part of shape up san francisco because we're working on many of those areas save routes to school, walk and bike to school. in fact this morning we celebrated a media day at the our elementary. this was the district wellness he wish the board to pass a resolution that urges all schools to become active scho
Apr 8, 2013 8:00am PDT
't always full of new and exciting events and activities. there are times in a child's day when nothing very thrilling happens. the children come and they go. they eat. they rest. they go to the bathroom. and the next day, they come and they do it all over again. boy: hey... but sometimes children, like adults, can lose control. right in the middle of what should have been a normal, typical moment, things go to pieces. girl: hey, i need it! i need it. i need to talk! teacher: erica, how about i talk to michael, and you talk to daniel. hi, daniel! hendrick: what can we do to keep this from happening? how can we ensure that our children's daily routines-- their middle moments-- are meeting their needs in a way that is nurturing, flexible, and positive? girl: ok. ok, bye. the rest of your friends are in the lunchroom. woman: can i go and put up the stuff? sure, go right ahead. how are you doing today? fine. camille and brian's medicine, the same one, and thanks for finding it for me. daily routines make up the backbone of a child's early experiences. how we handle these tasks not only sets the
FOX News
Apr 19, 2013 12:00am PDT
tell us about what is happening at this time? >> it remains an active and dangerous crime scene. residents still told here in watertown of a five or six or more block radius to stay in their homes. there is a suspect out there, and he is dak russ. he is dangerous and he is armed. we do not know -- the most important disclaimer is we do not know these suspects -- there is one we captured being held at bay and presumably in custody and one on the loose. that's why there is an active and dangerous crime scene. we don't know in anyway if they are tied to the marathon bombing on monday. we know at 10:40 i have a p.m. the mit system wide alert for faculty and students said active shooter. we know an mit officer was shot. we know shad leahy has now -- sadly that he has died. we heard there was a robbery at a gas station between where i am five miles from mit and here in watertown. i gave pursuit behind some police cars and saw the active scene at the gas station. there was a carjacking of some sort of robbery there. i gave chase to at least 30 or 40 police cars going in every direction
Apr 24, 2013 7:30pm PDT
and the argument that we have is how much more discretionary money that we can bring to that very vital activity what we call fix it first and because our infrastructure in the bay area is frankly not getting any younger. and we need to take care of it if we are going to have the kind of straggy that this plan suggests. and the discretionary income in this plan is where we do tend to have the arguments and that is where we should have the arguments. and i want to spend a minute on where we have wound up on this one and what the board has been asked to consider in july. maybe starting at noon here on the clock hand and going clockwise, you will see that after spending 90 percent of all of the available resources in the region on maintenance, this plan proposes to spend an additional quarter of all of our discretionary revenue on those same activities. and that is because of the importance that we place on these issues and i will say, we could spend this whole pot of discretionary money on maintenance activities and still not fill up the tank for shortfalls to maintain our state highway system and
Apr 19, 2013 12:00am PDT
's all this activity. this is just -- it's hard for people to forget what happened on monday for just a moment. this in and of itself is at least a big deal for the city. in particular, for watertown, which is a very, very quiet suburb. so it is very rare. that's why you're seeing all this activity and all these precautions. >>> all right. i want to take a moment now to update people who are tuning in right now, both domestically and internationally. we're coming to you live from boston, massachusetts. obviously, this is the site just a couple blocks away from where i'm standing where the terrorist attacks took place at the boston marathon, killing three individuals and maiming dozens of other individuals. this evening, the fbi, law enforcement here in boston massachusetts released new photographs, images of two individual suspects wanted for questioning. they're presumed armed and extremely dangerous. those who see them are asked not to try to apprehend them or approach them. two new photographs were now released by the fbi. you're looking at those now. the individuals wanted for que
Apr 19, 2013 5:00am PDT
or antiterrorism activities so those funds that are not being collected is money we are not being able to use. >> the dmv says keeping track of these funds would take a massive computer upgrade which would cost more than the license plate program brings in. >>> time now 5:26. let's check your commute right now at 5:25. sal you are watching 280 and everything else. >> that is right we are looking at the south bay. it has been a nice looking drive around the bay on this friday. pam had mentioned it. we are also mentioning it. we hope it will stay nice and light for you on this friday. obviously everyone needs a little break from yesterday's commute imparticular. the traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive on 680. let's go to steve. >>> sal, thank you. a little cooler by the coast today. not so much because of fog but because a westerly breeze has decided to develop. if and much of the coast has an on shore direction. a little cooler coast and bay. still nice inland. upper 70s and low 80s. >>> thank you. time now 5:26 in boston everyone is being told to stay indoors right now. it's part
Apr 8, 2013 12:00am PDT
neighborhood. the way it is now it's bringing in endesirable activity on beacon street which will only get worse. thank you. >> thank you. >> raymond. >> raymond l arew. beacon street is a very short street and no crossing. the only place to cross is billy goat park, an undevelopmented park at the close of the end of the beacon street and this illegal that crosses there. should want be there. >> thank you. >> we have jack and jane, and i think that is going to be it for this item once you two are done. >> good morning. i would like to talk about the money, the money the department doesn't seem to have. money to launch unneeded uncalled for projects like a trail that no one needs on beacon street that goes up to the play ground. it should be clear from all of the people here the overwhelming opinion on this trail is rather negative. i should point out that as the play ground was built provides adequate entrances accessible to the public. clearly never designed with the potential cliff side entrance down to beacon street. there is no need to spend money on a study or planning or de
Apr 14, 2013 6:44am PDT
>> any further public comment? seeing none call the next item >> the fair activation proposal by the partners. >> good afternoon, commissioners dan of the ports planning division. this is the open area on the ferry side of the plaza. the ports that supports this ear is within long term leasehold which runs until 2016. other permitted uses on the plaza includes the service for the ferry tenants, value drop off for the limited partnership building this is located at the far end of the east plaza, emergency and service event assess use. we're having a pilot plan to conduct various events and to - in doing so they would observe user partners and observe the loading services and provide parking in the plaza. the com plates those issues and g n p will propose this in a minute. a copy should be at your desk. we're pleased this is going to be improved as e o p will meet with committeess and business stakeholders and b cdc the big conservatism development commission. all this would be done prior to the meeting of the commission. jan conor's with the equity partners - >> i'll just tak
Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. they are asking the public to be especially alert and report any suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1. and -- in oakland tonight. police say, there is a more visible police presence at the golden state warriors game. as well as the a's game. kron four's scott rates shows us what police were doing to keep fans safe. around the colosseum and the oracle are real. the golden state warriors were playing. if the oakland athletics for pain plane. fanned the security was a checking everybody with several oakland police department officers out here. even the bomb squad was out here, sergeant j.d. nelson what they were doing to keep people safe. >> before anybody was here we have the canine in units searching both facilities if this is an unusual night when the warriors and the oakland athletics are both playing tonight. and during both the vents, we will have the bomb technicians during both-the vents tonight. >> reporter: fans felt safe and appreciated the oakland police department they say that everything went smoothly. in join both games. scott rates, kron 4. >> jacqueline: it has been
Apr 18, 2013 12:44pm PDT
building and san francisco general. this table shows you our primary activities and major sites i described. you can see our in patient and outpatient care as well as our regional research plans and housing. at mission bay we have a significant research presence and we have some outpatient clinics that will grow in 20015. at mt. sdooen we have in patient and outpatient programs, however, the in patient programs will be closing when we move the beds to mission bay. at the central heights we have a small amount of lapses. this will provide the patient care under a affirmation agreement with the city. and we'll teach students and trainees. so this is a general overview of what drives our growth. you may or may not know we are very robust research institution. we received over $530 million in research grant funding which doubled since 1997. we receive more i h funding in the country. so that's a major driver of our growth. in addition our clinic programs are a major driver of our growth. so since 1997 our outpatient has almost doubled that were we have enjoyed relationships with donors and bene
FOX News
Apr 19, 2013 1:00am PDT
of the most press stey yous engineering schools in the world. there is heavy police activity in this area for four to five hours running after a call came in. there were gunshots and the s.w.a.t team moved in. this is a scene still considered active. boston police talking about watertown massachusetts residents to stay where they are and not go outside. wees work throw the information mike levine is with me. mike, your information has been inavailable. what can you report here tonight? >> the latest i am hearing, and perhaps it is stating the obvious, but federal law enforcement does believe what is going on around mit may be related to the bombings on monday. and i am being told local police in the boston area may have arrested someone with, quote, similar features as one of the suspects from the monday bombing. >> mike do you know if the features reflect suspect number one or suspect number two? >> i don't know that. continue. i'm sorry i interrupted you. >> i was just told how the situation unfolded tonight was earlier at a 7-eleven there was a carjacking or robbery and local police re
Apr 19, 2013 2:44pm PDT
. so we're going to show imagines from different activities and this may not be the actual child but it is an example of all the kinds of programs that children h have had successful inclusions. do we have an i mention of our rock climbing wall and she's climbing up the walking up wall. the next imagine is a swim class the children are all holding swimming paddles. the next is is theatrical production. i'm not sure what show this is fro about vicky worked with the coordinator. the next imagine is a bunch of kids playing tennis. we've done is great things here. the next singes a butch you have kids sitting in a circle they're doing their morning meeting or activity at one of our outdoor camps. and a our inclusion as you doubled in numbers each summer and that's where we see the most but it's increasing during the school year with vicky doing the assessments and playing kids in different programs. so last summer vicky worked with summer camp kids and a accident assessments and this summer i'm afraid to get somebody but that's the only which were we knew if they had during the summe
Apr 20, 2013 4:44am PDT
i think those on active duty. this is an area that we don't tend to pay a lot of attention to and very often when it comes we tray to look the other way. i believe that we have been reasonably responsive in immediate response, immediate response by doctrine and policy are military dod authorities moving out their gates into their neighborhoods when a disaster hits right next door. i mean, that seems to make sense. we have good relationships at our bases and stations and the ability to roll out and assist is something you would expect to work out pretty well. some of that has matured, in fact. in the state of california we have established a number of agreements, most particularly the wildfires where both third fleet and the expeditionary force assign helicopters in the need we are requested, it's pre-planned, our pilots are trained, we have the gary that's necessary and we can respond. most of the things we have done in the past, though, have come on almost random occurrences in the event of a complex catastrophe, so that is a little bit different for us. there has been m
Apr 19, 2013 1:00am PDT
. at the same time, the fbi is actively trying to draw some conclusion to whether or not this activity here in watertown is related to what happened at the boston marathon on monday. it was just 5:00 today when the fbi released two photographs of the suspects they believe were involved in the boston marathon bombing. two young men, both of them carrying backpacks. both of them having ball caps on. and the fbi had the admonition to bring these people into custody. if you know them, give them a call. earlier there was a police officer shot and wounded at m.i.t. where he was shot and wounded and later died. shortly after that a carjacking happened in the cambridge area. then a massive shoot-out took place here in watertown. all of these somewhat connected on the same string of roads, but we don't know if all this activity is all connected to each individual event i just named or if any of it is connected to the boston marathon itself. we know the fbi joined into this investigation here in watertown to determine if there's a link between the two, and it certainly looks like by the increased act
FOX News
Apr 19, 2013 2:00am PDT
up, there has been a flurry of activity over the past 6 hours. really over the last 12-hours. if you back up to 5:00 the fbi is quiet for two-days before breathing to any one in the public and then they came out with the bombshell images of the suspects. suspect number one and suspect number two. it is obvious if you look at the profile of suspect number 2, if there is an individual who knows him they will be identified promptly. look how clear this image is. this is outstanding work on behalf of the fbi. when you think about the amount of pressure that was on that organization to put out information they held their ground and they held their ground until they were sure and this is the image that america is watching now. boston commissione police commissioner saying this man is dead but suspect number 2 is on the lose. according to reports from boston was taken from a local gas station earlier tonight. that is suspect number 2 previously seen with the white hat on. watertown police talked to reporters in that town. >> we have a picture, a video from 7-11 in cambridge last night that
Apr 6, 2013 12:00pm PDT
in each of these cities and sounding bay area it is last 14 years and if you look at the activity the cranes until the air the hospital building activity the activity ature ports and airports and hospitality sector the booming tech sector and all of the future plans, think about the changes that will happen in the next 14 years and each of these cities and in our region so we are going to hear a little bit about the future and some of the priorities and what the outlook is into this coming year and we are really delighted to have awful you here with us this morning. i think there is more than 600 and we are glad that you gathered with us. our tradition at this event is to alternate between the two cities from year to year and last year we hosted the event in oakland which, is why here here in san francisco this year and is to mayor lee thank you for being the host city this year andmary khan thank you for traveling across the bay that very short way to be here in san francisco. so how many of you are feeling optimistic about 2013? can you raise your hand? right? (applause). ism.
Apr 19, 2013 10:14am PDT
. not a flurry of activity where it's not addressing the living conditions of the people in the building. that is our concern. thank you. >> a point of reference. >> next speaker? >> good morning. my name is rich strap. i'm the lawyer representing the ownership. she's entirely correct that this building has had a very bad history. i would like to give a very quick overview of the context of the work that's being done and then introduce the contractor that is in the process of doing the work as well as mr. noelke. the history of this building is that it was under a 20-year lease with a prior operator which ended january of last year. it was a mess. the task force inspection of a year ago documents the condition in which the property was left by the end of the previous operator who at the end of his lease chose not to make any upgrades of any kind whatsoever. as soon as the owners took possession a year ago january, a new lessee was brought in, who is present here today as well as two representative of the owner as well as mr. noelke who is their consultant and new work commenced last year
Apr 28, 2013 12:00pm PDT
on that criteria. we have a hundred and 20 active he mentors and there's about thirty or 38 spanish speaking members. we're actively seeking out fundraiser. and last year we had one hundred and thirty something matches. we have educational workshops >> so my second position is a coordinator. this does community base organizations behavior of the parents and giving the folks an overview on rights. we over our clinics at 6363 admission the first thursday ♪ again, we offers those workshops throughout the community it's very actually in spreading the word of information. we also offer p p ws. their our parents professional workshops again, we try to get our information to parents and professionals and we have the second saturday of each month. we try to get our next upcoming one on may 11th. we're going to have is a special speaker and she is going to screen her documentary on 3 generations and how effective it's envoy is a q and a and give a little bit of experience and information on several taught and a situation. but that's a quick example of the type workshops we have monthly. >> sorry
Apr 30, 2013 4:30pm PDT
. they will give up food and sex to keep pressing stimulation to this area. it is the same error that is activated when compulsive gamblers are winning a bet or when drug addicts get their drug of choice. it modulates the brain's levels of dopamine my colleagues from stanford and i show that when you listen to music to like, found pleasurable, that eric is activated and it is modulating dopamine. a student of mine showed, she was able to get her hand on a radioactive tag for dopamine, so that we could fall in people's brains. dopamine was increased when people listen to pleasurable music. dopamine is involved, as many of the brands chemicals are, in many things, but it is also the pleasure hormone, the feel-good hormone. i am not saying it feels like winning a bet or taking a drug or having sex, but invoked the same system. another thing, when people listen to music together, oxytocin is released, a chemical associated with bonding and trust. is what mother's release when they are nursing their infants. prolactin is another hormone that women excrete. we also believe that prolactin is also exclude
Mar 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
the shooting happened around 10:00 in the 2400 block of 68th avenue. police say shots activated and the victim was found. shattered glass and several bullet holes in the drivers side of the vehicle. the san francisco chronicle reports that the police are searching for three shooting suspects. >> >> new developments in the officer involved shooting the suspect this that incident has died. debra is live in oakland to explain how a traffic stop quickly escalated into something deadly. debra? >> reporter: we are at the stop where the fatally wounded suspect crashed into this pole with guns blazing and a deputy riding alongside. >> who got hit? >> reporter: ktvu had the only camera on the scene as deputies scrambled on the call they dread. "officer shot." >> get that ambulance in here. deputy still in the passenger's seat of the drivers car. he climbed in down the block to unhook the drivers seatbelt. that suspect was clutching it, refusing to get out of his car. with the deputy inside, the driver floored it and took them both for a ride
Apr 12, 2013 6:00am EDT
in the training activities that we know are in fact occurring in places across north africa or in the sahel area of africa. we have to be concerned about how the organizations work together and how connected they are. we pay close attention to that and our insight today is far better than it was just a few years ago and our ability to have an impact is actually pretty good. but we need to stay on top of it. especially showing we really truly understand the ideology that we face. >> general clapper gave his comments. can you give us your thoughts on the strength of that organization in syria? would that be the predominant post-assad group? >> i can go into detail in closed session on their numbers in relation to the rest of the opposition if that is what you mean. the numbers themselves are not indicative of the real influence. >> just one thing i would offer. you are working very closely with in the intelligence community. how we would define it, to use a military term, how we define the order of battle. what is the organization's -- what are the organizations that make up this friday of -- vari
Apr 14, 2013 5:44am PDT
is katherine hooper and i'm supporting the maritime activities in the port of san francisco. i was curious have you put your toes in the water at all to see if any donors are really interested? >> commissioner adam. >> a couple of questions. one in terms of the timeframe and being more specific about the site potential assets and site location will that be coming back to us at you're next commission meeting? >> we'll bring it back and i'll work on the exact meeting. >> i was wondering about the offer lap of the timeline. and could you articulate a bit more on the legacy benefits to the city. you alluded to them >> i'd be happy to. i think what i've learned in defining legacy is that the legacy starts with the brick and mot motor . i want that's the easiest touch and feel legacy. but there's a lot of really exciting working relationships like with tarantula sit and opening up in partnerships there that were working relationships with the coast guard. work with frankly neighborhood organizations to link them to the waterfront and sort of reintroducing a new group of people to both visitors a
Apr 16, 2013 4:00am PDT
an active role of the charges. or if you have a situation of a fugitive to get involved? >> i like the idea of community engagement and to lower the risk and that someone can benefit from the system. i would like to see evidence that taking someone's home will incentivize them to help them lock their son up. it might. but it my be incentivize detectives to be defenders but not to tie assets to it. >> i want to address the financial taking of someone's property and that's the norm of the bail industry. that is not, i have been in the system for 41 years and never taken one home. we do rely on our detective skills and our bounty hunter skills to get the defendant and get them back in custody. that's what we are good at. the involvement of friends and workers and co-workers, all that is used. our risk assessment tool has been very effective. i don't think that creating an atmosphere that will do away with corporate bail is the answer. it's not. we have to work with the pretrial system and law enforcement and judicial system, we are a part of it and i see we will be a part of it for years. >> w
Apr 19, 2013 2:14pm PDT
a fun activity room. if the child gets overwhelmed by the a movie they can go to a play room. nobody's really bothered it's normal behavior nobody's looking at the a you like our not normal. like this gentleman i was at workshop and i will be going to set up the projector. we do one a month and we're in our movie season. we do some ice skating party you'll ever see wheel chairs on the ice there are great skaters but i'd like to highlight anothers one coming up. may fourth with the parks and recreation area we're holding a recreation resource fair where families go out the abandon shell and they register and the child gets a passport and they'll be able to go from station-to-station. the exhibiters each have an active for the child to do. and just to highlight a couple of the folks but 70 recreation and parks will have rock climbing. there will be a person who will allow boards to be there. you'll see what it's like to have a obstacle courses u course and they can't recall basically exposing the kids to every activity with disabilities. the movie we're screening tonight it the moffitt
Apr 20, 2013 8:14am PDT
activity has raised youth sailing awareness and done a great thing for the public school kids of san francisco. currently i have several teens who compete and i am always looking to sign up more kids. it's tough to get kids involved in sailing but once you get them hooked they bond for life. doesn't matter where they come from, what schools they go to. we have kids from lowell, mission, gateway, school of the arts, city art and tech and we're about to put on balboa with full support from the principal which is a first and we're excited. it's outreach and bonding kids together. america's cup offers insight into what the possibilities are for the future. maybe not for every sailor but for some ambitious kids so we're very pleased that you are hopefully supporting this process and will vote in favor of the permits. thank you. >> thank you. >> bruce. >> in general the boaters are in favor of this activity because we like to promote boating. we are disappointed there was no outreach to the harbor association. you picked a lot of airkzs and cal hallow and not on the waterfront. it's l
Apr 19, 2013 12:00pm EDT
as the location is concerned. we have indication that there's been some activity there. i'm going to hold off on exactly what it is until we can confirm it further. but for quite a while the police helicopter that had been circling fairly low for much of the morning was hovering high up in this area about half a mile behind me. it seems to have moved on now and it's also may have something to do with the fact that the winds have kicked up. i'll not certain about that. all sorts of police activity and also the military, national guard and others have been moving in and replacing police in some instances and in some of the areas it feels like they are moving in for the long haul with port-a-potties and salvation army truck and things like that to feed people as if we may be here for a while and there also have been some officers that have, for lack of a better term, look like they are coming off of a shift, walking around without a great deal of urgency but then you'll see a whole bunch of cars like the ones going back behind me that go off at great speed toward that neighborhood behind me, whi
Apr 1, 2013 4:50am EDT
, the target is a senior operational leader of al qaeda or associated forces " who actively engaged in planning to kill americans. second, the individual poses an imminent threat to the united states. third, capture is not feasible. fourth, the operation would be conducted in a manner consistent with applicable law of war principles. starting with the last of these criteria, this one is implicit in every military operation. this includes consideration of the type of weapon used and the elimination or minimization of collateral damage. often these matters are and should be left to the discretion of the military commander in direct control of the operation along with the time, place, and matter of the operation. even if the overall approval of the operation comes from the president or secretary of defense, this particular aspect is not something we should normally seek to micromanaged from washington. likewise, there's also not much to be gained by having a federal judge to try to review these details in advance. next, there are the questions of capture andof eminence. these really are up-to-the-
Apr 11, 2013 9:30pm PDT
the cycle of their activities. and that was evaluated through the improved use of the ports facilities. at that point there have been a number of agreements about how certain things were going to be paid for during the events and preparations for the events and then on the capital side for narrow improvements that weren't going to be paid for by the ports. those are around pier 29 facility. so together and this is going to be used fulfill looking it now we've seen approximately $3.3 million of costs that the general costs were going to pay from lost rents from lost tenants and other consulting costs. of that amount $300,000 has been paid to the port and has been compensated. so what's the next step? after the america's cup events in 2012 we learned what with your not only what with your doing with the fundraising but to bring people to san francisco. on the fundraising front the mayor lee in particular and his staff really sort of working with us and the america's cup committees to understand ways to really enhance the fundraising program. we've seen the needs of the event sort of cons
Apr 13, 2013 7:00am PDT
. communications, that was one of the first things. it's different with our active duty forces because you see here, we send our aircraft all around the world. we can't necessarily just invest in some components in the aircraft and call it good because those assets may be gone and deployed but we have work arounds for that. we are looking forward to that as well in addition to the training. lastly is we again kind of relish the opportunity to participate in the operations against an active enemy. at least here, it's fire. we appreciate the fact we can go ahead and enter a tactical command air control. those are operations that are familiar to us and they are, it's a great exercise for us tactically as well. we are able to integrate with cal fire itself with the objective being the fire itself. those work out for us here and we can go ahead and use those skills forward as well. thank you very much, we appreciate the opportunity. >> thank you, i'd like to thank our panelists and open it up to our group for any questions of our panelists today. yes, sir, secretary. >> there are a lot of
Apr 29, 2013 8:00am PDT
they d when they blow up or do the thing that's the problem for them. but in terms of activities that you provide and how you talk to them, in terms of what you're expecting of them, it's very similar for whether they're a special needs child or a "normal" child. all children need the same things. they need to feel good out themselves. they need to feel safe and comfortable and eager to try things an environmen that won't criticize them when they try things. all children need that, so there's no difference. look what i have. i have pink. you don't want the pink one? how about the blue, miguel? no. hendrick: in every group youngsters, there are some who apparently learn slower than others. likewise, there are some youngsters who learn faster. slower learning is sometimes called mental retardation. it ranges from extreme to mild lags in development. the flexibility in today's early chidcare centers means that many mildly and moderately delayed children can, with a little extra effort on our part, fit quite comfortably into the group. when working with children who are moderately delayed lea
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